Phoenix Lightpainting Portrait
Bullettime 3D

A colorful Lightpainting with a new technique and lightpainting tool. I get a bit more control over the brush strokes and i’m able to paint a bit like i would with real brush on paper.

This was the final test with a real Model, Ira. She is a Makeup Artist – check out her Instagram profile for more of her work. The final images turned out much better than anticipated – and we only did 15 sequences.

Technical Information

I photographed each sequence with my multiple camera rig. 10 cameras this time. They where triggered all at the same time. Each shot took about 3 minutes. The model was lit by a studio strobe to freeze her, the rest i painted with the black fiber brush and some color gels. The pictures are out of cam – so no Photoshop or After Effects manipulation. I just optimized color and contrast in Lightroom.

Below are some examples of how the image was lit. The pictures were made early during the photoshoot for testing and balancing the lights. On the left side you see the effect of the studio strobe.  I used a small reflector with grid for hard and focused light. You could do that with an speedlight as well.

With a short flash burst you also gain a razar sharp face because of the very short flash speed. The picture in the middle is the combination of the Lightpainting and the strobe. Very well balanced. The Shadows on the models face are lighten up by the lightpainting brush. On the right side its only the light from the flahslight/torch. So not very well balanced – the face is too dark. You could put more light onto the face with the flahslight, but with an exposure time about (180s) it would be completely unsharp.

3D Bullettime Information

In the sequence above the images are only roughly aligned (i create some in-between-images for smoother animation). As a final step i will print a glasses free 3D image (autostereoscopic) on a lenticular lens.

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  1. William Watling July 18, 2019 at 17:25 - Reply

    Love these! Well done. I have an 8x Canon S95 rig with 6.6cm interoccular between each pair and also print as lenticulars. Never tried light painting… but think I will now.

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