A short list of things beginning with the “not so good” stuff:

  • i’m a chocoholic but i managed to avoid that poison for some time now
  • i’m addicted to facebook as well. i admit it. but i try to do more photography to not waste my time
  • for a long time i had no idea what to do with my life but than life got me the hard way
  • as a child and teenager i wasted a lot of time watching tv. i spend my youth with gaming alone on my computer.

it’s not an important piece of information but i like Star Trek (the old timeline – you know what i’m talking about!), Star Wars (the old ones – you now what i’m talking about, right?), Monty Python, Hot Shots and italian food. I played a lot of civilization and Sim City. To be clear: i seriously do not intend to share this information on facebook.

All of that and maybe more “melted” my brain badly.

on the positive side:

  • my unhealthy intense consume of movies created some sort of talent for composition and sense for quality pictures. thats a good thing when you are a photographer.
  • by chance i bought a decent camera in my early 20’s. It was the Canon EOS300D “digital rebel”. i learned photography very fast. and with this two pieces of information (and a litte help from wikipedia) you can now guess my age.
  • i used cameras since i was a child. that is no qualification – for noone. every child has done this and every child is doing it today.
  • i’m a silent observer of human behavior. came in quiet handy as well.

i found love, got children and with that came some sort of meaning. thats one reason why i’m still here and keep doing things. i have a lot of ideas waiting to come to life. the older i get – the more ideas.

time is limited – imagination ist not. health will pass – ideas will stay.